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An informative and dynamic political platform for the animal cause.

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Animaux Politique Suisse, an umbrella organization for several associations committed to the animal cause, needed an online platform ahead of the 2023 federal elections. This platform was to inform the public about the commitment of Switzerland's elected representatives and political parties to defending animal rights. The need for transparency and information in this area prompted Animaux Politique Suisse to look for a robust, scalable technological solution, and to call on Octoplus Solutions.

Strategic technological choices

To meet the needs of our clients, our development team opted for a modern web architecture, based on state-of-the-art technologies. The choice was made for a set of tools including a robust database with MariaDB, combined with the Laravel PHP framework and its Laravel Livewire library. This combination ensures efficient data and query management on the server side, and a JavaScript framework for a dynamic, responsive user experience on the client side.

Ensuring data accuracy

A crucial part of the project was to integrate data from different sources, such as the Swiss Parliament's public API and files made available by other sites such as Lobbywatch, to keep information on elected representatives, political parties, parliamentary groups, parliamentary objects,... up to date. To achieve this, we have implemented robust automation processes, using scripts and scheduled tasks to retrieve and synchronize data on a regular basis, ensuring the relevance and accuracy of the information displayed on the platform.

Optimum control over content

We developed a customized content management system (CMS) for the site's administrators, enabling them to easily manage content, including news, public opinion polls and the selection of parliamentary objects relating to animals. This CMS, using the FilamentPHP library, offers a user-friendly, fully customized interface for adding, modifying or deleting content, while guaranteeing the consistency and integrity of data on the platform.

Accurate and constantly updated ratings

One of the clients' key requirements was the ability to provide automated ratings of political entities based on predefined criteria. To meet this requirement, we developed an automatic rating system based on calculation formulas supplied by the mandators. These formulas were integrated into the platform's backend, enabling the generation of precise, real-time ratings based on the political action of the entities.

Towards transparent animal policy

Thanks to a solid technical approach and close collaboration with Animaux Politique Suisse, Octoplus Solutions has succeeded in delivering a robust and functional online platform that meets the growing need for information and transparency in the field of animal policy, and quickly so that it is available for the 2023 federal elections. The combination of modern web architecture, advanced automation tools and a customized content management system has created an efficient and scalable solution, meeting the expectations of users and constituents alike.

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