Click Analytic

A web app for research and analysis of influencers for digital marketing purposes.


Click Digital is an agency specialized in personalized digital marketing strategies. With their experience in the field and already owning a data source, an idea was born within the agency : Click Analytic.

The project consists in creating a web app to analyze the audience, and the performance of influencers and their social networks, in order to identify the best potential partners for the development of a brand or a product.

Technologies : Modularity, scalability and agility

The choice of technologies was based on a PHP and MySQL stack, established technologies recognized for their reliability, as well as on the Laravel framework for its modularity and adaptability.

The Agile development process and the delivery of modules (sprint) as the project progressed allowed for quick returns and adaptations when necessary without interrupting the project and maintaining the initial delivery date.

Present complex data in a simple way

One of the main challenges for such a tool is to transform a nebulous amount of data from different social networks into easily accessible and understandable information at first glance.

In close collaboration with the Click team, we have made the tool they had imagined a reality in order to offer a fluid user experience and a coherent interface.


We coordinated in December 2020 with Click's teams for the public deployment of the platform.

More than a year after launch, we are seeing 100% uptime with no major incidents to report.

Follow-up and evolution

We continuously monitor the platform, whose user base has been growing steadily since its launch. We use our knowledge and expertise to develop new features to ensure consistency throughout the application.

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