System interconnectivity for a Swiss leader in the steel cutting tool industry.

Research and development of micro-milling cutters


Specialized in the manufacture of cutting tools for precision mechanics, Eskenazi SA has already anticipated the digital shift several years ago and is a forerunner in the use of IT tools and online commerce in its field.

Aware that the digital transition is a long-term commitment, Eskenazi wishes to take advantage of the latest technological improvements to evolve its internal processes as well as to simplify and accelerate the processing of orders for their customers.

The path of direct communication

Like the IT systems of many companies, Eskenazi's system is made up of different tools, carefully selected to be the most suitable for the company's individual processes, but which do not communicate directly with each other. This generates unnecessary intermediate steps, increases processing times, takes up human resources and increases the potential for errors.

The natural choice is to create APIs to enable direct communication between systems and automate tasks so that their data is always synchronized.

Teamwork with different actors

After setting up APIs on the internal systems and connecting them, they had to interface with the ERP used by Eskenazi. As the company works with Logyplan, a Swiss ERP for industrial companies, it was necessary to work closely with their development team to ensure that the transition was smooth and did not impact customers while making life easier for the Eskenazi teams.

More efficient use of resources

The results are clear : in addition to speeding up machine processes, Eskenazi's various departments now have tools that allow them to be more responsive, sending them instant notifications at different stages of an order.

Human communication is also facilitated, allowing employees to focus on more useful and rewarding work by eliminating manual data transmission and double entry.

An ongoing evolution

With digital advances never ending, Eskenazi is more than ever eager to share the benefits with its customers by offering ever better services.

Several new projects are already underway to improve its online tools and provide an even better experience for its e-commerce users.

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