An auction management software which supports the daily workflow of a dozen auction houses.

Laptop using "Selloff - Auction Management Software" in front of a commissioner's hammer


Auction companies are facing an evolution of the auction room, from the traditional room accessible to the most daring to a virtual room online and open to the whole world, resulting in a potential of hundreds of new foreign buyers and a multiplication of the number of transactions and bills.

Centralizing data

The most eloquent observation in the auction houses with whom we have collaborated is the decentralization, even the multiplication of data.

Several small databases often built with technologies that are no longer fitting today's world and that have difficulties communicating with each other often result in double entries and erroneous information.

The first challenge was to build a modern and scalable database that would meet the entire business processes of an auction company.

A solution open to the world

There are a multitude of catalog presentation platforms with which it is important to communicate and, more generally, it was necessary to implement bi-directional synchronization whenever possible to avoid perpetuating the problem of double entry.

Selloff is based on a robust REST API that makes it easy to develop components that can communicate with any platform.

High availability

An auction house realizes most of its turnover in a short period of time, some with only a single annual sale, so it is essential to be able to continue the sale in all situations.

We thought of a console that allows the auctioneer to continue the sale even if his computer loses the connection by using JavaScript and the "client-side storage" of modern browsers. When the connection is restored, the data is automatically sent back to Selloff.

Delivered and adopted

In production at a dozen auction houses since 2015, the solution is used and appreciated daily. It evolves continuously through regular updates that meet the new needs of users.

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