Digital transition for a high-quality wine merchant.

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Winedigger, a Swiss boutique known for its high-quality wine selection, decided to adapt to changing consumer preferences by establishing an online presence. Their goal was to expand their customer base, increase online sales, and provide a shopping experience that matches their reputation. To achieve this, Winedigger sought the expertise of two key players : the design agency TWKS for the UI/UX aspect and Octoplus for the technical and development part.

Digital Transition

The collaboration between TWKS and Octoplus was crucial for the success of this digital transition. TWKS designed an elegant and user-friendly user interface that reflects Winedigger's prestige. They created a polished mockup that served as the basis for development. Octoplus implemented the e-commerce platform, choosing Prestashop for its ability to meet the boutique's specific needs.


The outcome was spectacular. The Winedigger website was successfully launched, offering customers a seamless and enjoyable online experience for purchasing high-end wines. The results were quickly evident : a significant increase in online sales, a high conversion rate due to user-friendly navigation, and increased visibility in national and international markets.

This digital transition allowed Winedigger to remain committed to quality while adapting to the new realities of e-commerce. It demonstrates the success of a close collaboration between a creative design agency and a competent technical team in transforming a traditional boutique into a must-visit online destination for wine enthusiasts.

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